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At the forefront of patient's outcome

Markomed d.o.o. was founded in 2007. It is registered for promotion and distribution of medicines and medicinal products, primarily in the field of anaesthesiology and intensive care. 

Over the years, thanks to its activity in the market, Markomed has gained the trust of healthcare professionals as a reliable and proactive partner which, through the distribution of innovative and clinically justified modern technologies works primarily with the aim of optimizing the patient’s outcome.  

We are distributors of world - renowned manufacturers of medicinal products, devices and medicines such as Masimo Sarl, M Dialysis AB, ICU Medical s.r.l., LiDCO Ltd., Piramal Critical Care Inc., Pajunk GmbH, Cair LGL, Medela AG, Raumedic AG, Osypka Medical, Osypka AG, Dale Medical Products, Inc., Delta Med Spa, etc.

Except for a successful presentation of our partners, we have been actively participating in, organizing and sponsoring  local and regional congresses for years, as well as educations held by leading clinical experts and internationally acclaimed lecturers. In order to achieve the highest standards of clinical education we cooperate with medical, nursing and other organizations and individuals, and we also issue a newsletter with information in the field of implementation of new procedures and products.   

With a growing knowledge of the Croatian market over the years, we have been working on expanding our portfolio and on increasing the number of employees, in order to continuously influence the achievement of the mission and vision which have been our goals since the foundation of the company. Therefore, we are proud to point out that Markomed today actively generates added value in the field of medicine for the benefit of both our clients and end users, with its knowledge, dedication and activity.

The main goal of Markomed d.o.o business activity is customer orientation, their satisfaction with the products we distribute and professional services we provide, which has resulted in the implementation of quality management system as a logical sequence of events. In this way, we would like to emphasize our constant focus on satisfying the demands of our customers while at the same time meeting all prerequisites for a continuous improvement of the overall processes within our organization.

Quality management system applied in Markomed d.o.o. is based on GDP (Guidelines on Good Distribution Practice of medicinal product for human use), regulations of the Ordinance on Good Practice in the Transport of Medicinal Products, Licences in the Wholesale of Medicinal Products, and Licences in Good Practice in the Wholesale of Medicinal Products and the requirements of international standard ISO 9001, with the aim of fully meeting the requirements for the quality of products / services and processes.


Markomed d.o.o. is a trading company whose main activity is distribution, promotion and registration of medicines, medicinal products and medical devices  in the field of anaesthesiology and intensive care. Bearing in mind that the patients are our end-users, our activity in the market always results in finding reliable partners and suppliers of medicines, medical equipment and devices in order to enable the use and installation of innovative, clinically justified equipment, education of healthcare professionals and servicing of devices. Therefore, our mission is to be a link between the progress in medicine and end-users in order to provide them with the best possible health care.


Our long-term goal is to become the leading supplier of inhalation anaesthetics on the Croatian market and continuously provide users with state-of-the-art technology and products in the field of medicine through our high-quality professional activities. Also, by participating at numerous congresses in Croatia and abroad,  closely related to the field of anaesthesiology and intensive care, we present novelties from our portfolio thus enabling physicians and nurses to get acquainted with new technological and scientific achievements in the field of their activity.


Dedication – As our slogan states, we are deeply aware of the importance of dedication in our own work, since dedication is transferred to the patient. Therefore, we strive to be dedicated to patients every day.

Quality – As a young company with serious intentions, we have recognized the importance of introducing the quality system and the importance of distributing only high quality products of world leading manufacturers in hope of a better treatment outcome.

Responsibility – As the products we distribute are mainly intended for patients whose life is at risk, it is our great responsibility to deliver the right product as soon as possible and educate healthcare professionals about its benefits. That is the reason why we actively participate in, organize and sponsor local and regional congresses, as well as educations held by leading clinical experts and internationally acclaimed lecturers; we cooperate with medical, nursing and other organizations and individuals, and we also issue a newsletter with information in the field of implementation of new procedures and product.

Diversity – In order to have as complete an offer as possible, we are looking for a variety of manufacturers who can meet the highest criteria of quality, safety, innovation and impact on patients' outcome, that is, requirements of the Croatian health system, in accordance with the high-quality standard we are uncompromisingly committed to.

At the forefront of patient's outcome

The quality of health care is the result of measures taken in accordance with current knowledge in healthcare procedures, which ensure the highest possible treatment outcome and reduce the risk of adverse effects on human health. We are proud of the fact that the introduction of innovative modern technologies with the aim of optimizing the outcome of patients' treatment has always been at the forefront. By continuously striving to improve medical procedures related to patient care and actively participating in the education of health professionals, not only do we contribute to the community, but also influence the improvement of the quality of life as a whole.

“At the forefront of patient's outcome“ indicates our efforts to improve and promote quality healthcare based on modern medical technologies with the aim of positively affecting the outcome of patients’ treatment.



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